A melodrama at its finest penned by Hal Reid, who knew his way around the art of crafting a melodrama, brings us, Mothers of Men. Topical for 1917 when women were battling to obtain the right to vote, Mothers of Men enters into the discussion and brings a provocative voice to the Suffrage movement showing the nation how strong women can be if allowed to hold a political office.

Dorothy Davenport as Clara Madison, a prominent lawyer, wins a judgeship over fellow Attorney Grant Williams, played by Willis L. Robards. Upon winning the prominent position as judge, Ms. Madison finds herself walking a political tight rope with enemies all around doing what they can to cause her down fall.

Judge Madison convicts a murderer to death paving the way for her to be easily elected as the first female Governor.  As Governor she is faced with a difficult dilemma. She has the power to pardon her husband who has been convicted of a serious crime, but to do so she’d be using her office for her own personal gain. “I must find some way to realize my ideals without sacrificing my husband. I must struggle on somehow for the sake of womanhood!”