Mothers of Men, made in 1917, is one the few surviving women’s suffrage films with the further distinction that it was made in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Starring Dorothy Davenport, Mothers of Men was penned by notable playwright Hal Reid (father of silent film actor Wallace Reid) and depicts the first woman to be elected governor in the United States.  A suffrage film made just three years before the 19th Amendment, allowing women to vote, was ratified, Mothers of Men attempted to enter into the suffrage campaign by showing the nation how strong women can be if allowed to hold a political office.

The 100-year anniversary of the 19th amendment is just around the corner and this is a perfect time to reveal this film once again.

The only known film elements are held outside the United States and have been deteriorating to the point that it is imperative to begin the restoration.


Dorothy Davenport

Dorothy Davenport

**In 1921 MOTHERS OF MEN was re-titled to EVERY WOMAN'S PROBLEM